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About Collegeton

Collegeton is dedicated to providing ESL/undergraduate/graduate admission service free of charge

to international students by allowing them to complete a comprehensive application

for admission in a few basic steps. The application created will be reviewed for admission by our partner

ESL/undergraduate/graduate institutions and colleges. Collegeton’s platform will allow institution representatives to

access students’ applications and download student’s documents required for admission.

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    Collegeton’s commitment to institution representatives

    • Partners will have access to applications and student documents

    • Collegeton will honor privacy in serving students and ESL/undergraduate/graduate partners throughout the admission process

    • ESL/undergraduate/graduate partners will be promoted in our website and social media accounts and their logos will be displayed in the “Our Partners” page of the website

    • Collegeton’s staff will assist students throughout the admission process to assure accurate information, advising, and orientation to meet institutions’ objectives

    • Institution Terms of Use Agreement will be honored and governs relationship throughout and after the admission process,

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    Thrives to build an excellent and
    effective communication channel between our partner institutions and students interested in pursuing their
    education abroad. Our partners are continuously promoted
    to be able to reach out to students who might be
    interested in their educational experience.

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    Collegeton’s portal provides the following services to students

    • ESL/English Language Program Admission

    • Undergraduate Conditional Admission

    • Undergraduate Final Admission

    • Graduate Conditional Admission

    • Graduate Final Admission

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    Collegeton’s commitment to students

    • All students, after signing up, will have the opportunity to submit their applications for admission

    • Partner ESL/undergraduate/graduate institutions will have access to student applications regardless of competitivenes

    • Student’s documents submitted along with the application will be protected and confidential, only ESL/undergraduate/graduate institution representatives will have access to them

    • Student Terms of Use Agreement will be honored and governs relationship throughout and after the admission process,

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Where International Students Find Their Future College Abroad

Collegeton is a connecting platform:
International students submit an easy comprehensive application for admission.
Our staff verifies application information and documents submitted by students.
Partnered institution representatives access our platform to review applications along with
student documents and recruit applicants to their campuses.

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